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Ask Yourself...

Am I behind on my mortgage payments? Am I potentially facing foreclosure? Do I owe more than my house is worth?

If you answered yes to any of these, we may have the solution.
Let us investigate and research the possibility of a short sale with you.
We know that the possibility of short selling your home can be a hard decision.
We are here to help, please fill out and submit the form below. 

A Hatfield Team member will contact you to set up a confidental consulation.
There is absolutely no obligation to you.

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About Short Sales
 A short sale is a program that allows a borrower to sell their property, even if the proceeds are less than the loan payoff, due to low property value. If approved, a short sale option can help you avoid further collection or foreclosure action. We will help you and work with the bank on your behalf so you can sell your home, avoid ruining your credit, and remove yourself from an unfortunate situation with dignity and privacy.

Here is how it works. You owe $250,000 on your home but the market value of your home is $225,000 and you get an offer of $210,000. In order for you to go to settlement, you need the bank/mortgage company to approve the sale price, real estate fees for service, and all of the closing costs. We will consult with your mortgage company in an attempt to get them to accept a payoff of $210,000 and release you from the future liability of the difference. In addition, we will negotiate with the bank to pay the real estate fees for service and closing costs!!!



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